Dearest readers (if you’re still there)

First things first, I’m terribly, terribly sorry- you’ve gone without content since January! There’s no excuse I know, but here are my excuses nonetheless:

1) I haven’t been doing much reading

Simply put, I’ve been too busy to do anything in which I’ve been genuinely interested, what with exams, and a really busy summer, but that is no longer the case. More on this later.

2) I’ve had A Levels

Point 2 is essentially an explanation of Point 1, which in itself was an explanation of why I haven’t done anything, so…Look! What’s that behind you? *runs away*

But honestly, I take my future very seriously and, irritating though it may be, the reality demands that my university place, and by extension, my career, are annoyingly dependent on what I get in my A levels, some seriously flawed exam structures that in my mind reward only a certain type of thinking. Luckily I made myself conform to that, and they went swimmingly.

3) I was going to university

Now’s your opportunity to remark how a much of a doss english is at uni, and you could well be right, relative to something ghastly like Medicine or Law, but it’s still a lot of work, and a lot of preparation. That was my primary focus, until recently, when I got some remarks, and it emerged that my exams went even more swimmingly than their initial results indicated.

This brings me to update you on my present situation:

I’m on a gap year!

I know, it’s all terribly exciting. But I’ll try to calm you all down (again, this is based on the assumption that regular readers of this site exist, and are also sentient beings, not robots). Here’s how it’s supposed to work: I’m at home now, applying to Cambridge, effectively becoming a literary hermit for several months- who knows, maybe I’ll get a beard- reading stacks of books, much of my thoughts about which will end up here (THIS MEANS YOU GET MORE CONTENT, POSSIBLY FICTITIOUS/ROBOTIC READERS), but also doing a lot of cycling. Why cycling, I pretend to hear you ask? Well, as soon as my Cambridge tomfoolery is over with, I’m jetting off with two mates to New Zealand, where we plan to cycle the length of the country for charity. I know you’re basically giving us money to have a life changing experience on a once in a lifetime trip with no return save for a poorly edited iMovie, but charity’s a good thing in itself, isn’t it, so why not donate? More on this to come. Then I hope to go to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, doing educational and environmental volunteering projects. Should be absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, this is just a message/rise from the dead to assure you I’m still here, and more content will come. And if it doesn’t there’s a link in one of the tabs to contact me, so it’s easy to direct abuse at me.

So, I’m sorry, if you’re there, and please take me back. I was an idiot, it’s all my fault. Even if you regular readers aren’t actually real, you deserve an apology because morality.


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