I'm not giving you any context, because that makes it more ambiguous and enigmatic, and my poetry tutor absolutely loves that (learning so much already). I thought of sunlight splintered with the cold, Stiff pea-coat collars braced against the breeze, Seeing her nameless grimace ‘cross the chill, And I could only call her beautiful. It does … Continue reading Toubkal

Femininity in ‘Frankenstein’

Mary Shelley’s presentation of women in ‘Frankenstein’ is one of the novel’s great paradoxes, in that they are held in almost reverential regard, yet still remain crudely objectified and viewed as possessions. This idea is first made clearly evident in Victor’s first description of his “cousin” Elizabeth, “a child fairer than pictured cherub”, giving Victor’s … Continue reading Femininity in ‘Frankenstein’